I disagree. It’s all steps in a journey.

I disagree. It’s all steps in a journey.


I did an informal study a few years ago, using # of Google results as metric of social stereotypes.

“Acting like a ___ year old” and went through all the ages.

The pattern was fascinating, not so much social expectations (“acting like a 3 yr old, acting like a 40 yr old – that’s expected) – but for the gaps.

There were NO results for “Acting like a 27 year old”.

To me that says, 27 year olds have no social expectations at all.

If it’s not a stereotype of an age “not to be” what is it?

It must be the default age for “adult”.


I’m an individualist. I gauge you by your interaction with me, not by age.sex.location, unless you assert its dominance over you.


It has a lack of expectation. That’s what’s fascinating.


42 was one of my favorite years and one of my most productive creatively. Loved 42.

From experience of it (46 now) I’d say that there is a very real “second puberty” that kicks in in the 40s. It’s quite amazing so far, or has been for me.


I dunno. I’m looking forward to being a wizard. I’ve noticed my brain has become better and better at systemizing diverse knowledge on its own. It was always good at it but it improves over time.


It’s certainly a marriage between fluid and crystalized intelligence.

I’ve gained “stories”, that is, I can tie many things loosely to some situation I know of or heard of to make a point.

But, making the point is less the point than it is sharing the music of it, the experience of a portion of a journey that just happens to be my own or through my voice.

But one thing I can do that I could not do before:

Now, I can throw out my baseline assumptions and continue.

Like if I find out something I believed was true for my whole life turns out to be wrong or incorrect or even a total fiction, it’s not devastating.

I can readjust parameters, recalculate, and adjust as needed.



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