I did the reverse of that once!

 I did the reverse of that once!
I hypothesized that my natural tempo was 270 bpm, based upon my tempo when I am happiest at the piano, which is playing triplets at 270 bpm (I was painstaking at figuring this out once so I could trust the result)
So I wondered if my natural speaking tempo would have a mathematical relationship to 270 bpm.
It does!
Here’s what I did:
I rambled for about 10 minutes with the outrageous goal of “HOW TO SOLVE ANYTHING” and recorded it.
Then I found backing tracks at multiples of 270 bpm:
270, 135, 67.5. It works.
But it was at 90 bpm that the magic really shone: The downbeat seemed to always occur at right as I was pausing.
Did this back in 2015. It was extremely satisfying to have had a successful experiment on myself.

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