I did move from New Jersey to Florida, so that’s kinda like moving to another country.

Niagra Falls as a kid. Trip to Ireland for a week for a wedding. [stayed in a castle, traveled coast to coast. Couldn’t believe how many shades of green the grass was.. and how close to the Arctic circle I was!]

My mother went to Egypt in the mid 1980s ’cause she was married to an Egyptian Muslim for a few years. She kept his last name.

So, that’s about it for me. I did move from New Jersey to Florida, so that’s kinda like moving to another country.


Oh yeah, they have them here too. I live in Golden Gate Estates, which is the redneck part of uber rich Naples. Next door is Immokalee, a town of mostly illegal immigrants who tend the extensive farms here, along with the Seminole indians who have their own police force and everything.

Lots of 3rd generation mexicans here, totally acclimated to US, no different than the Italian families I grew up near in NJ. Same process once the generations pass.

I was a member of CERT (Emergency Response volunteers) for a few years about 10+ years ago here. The guys with the guns and the 4 wheelers and stuff are common around here.

But… in NJ I had friends who wore camo and had their sword collections and did SCA re-enactments, so not so different to me.


This was me about 7 years ago helping my brother set up his tree stand in Bear Island. That water wasn’t supposed to be there. It had flooded – about 2+ feet of water covering the woods. I had to dodge water moccasins that swam along the surface… and keep my eyes out for alligators who left their ponds and moved into the woods area.

Meh. All for his deer. Oh well. I’m not much for hunting but it’s his thing.

Where I come from, is suburban New Jersey. Roselle Park, on the raritan valley line. Totally different environment than where I live now.

yet the people are more or less the same. From yee-haws on up.


I figured “Raritan Valley Line” – anybody from NJ would probably know that even if they didn’t remember Roselle Park :)

I think I called a few BBS’ in the early 1990s in Edison NJ, and my mother took a few online courses in 1993 from Edison State College, so that’s a connection. Had to pay toll fees for the modem calls. Man, broadband is so much better now.

Been in Naples since ’02. Worked for Schering-Plough in Kenilworth for a few years as a Systems Analyst. No college diploma either.

Anyway, one BIG BIG difference between here and NJ?

I don’t have daily panic attacks anymore. The environment up there was like a vise. You get used to it in a way, but once out of it long enough, you realize you’ve been “compressed”.


I don’t have a problem with immigration, legal or illegal. You come here, you have to find a way to make it somehow. It’s not easy but there’s plenty available for those who are willing to push for it. Our social net is pretty weak s a country though, which compels most people to get out of it.



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