I could count the birthmarks on his head through his hair, that kind of close.

Saw a guy at McDonalds today. He sat outside the window of the booth we were at [me ‘n me mum]

He sitting on the ground, smoking a blunt.

“Maybe it’s a cigar”, she says.

“Could be but the way he made a crease at the tip, he filled it with something else”, I reply.

I could count the birthmarks on his head through his hair, that kind of close.

Greasy white boy, probably 25-35, Irish-Scots look, messy goatee [I guess he wanted to try to grow a beard?]

After a while he got up. She asks me, “Why would he wear his pants down below his asshole?”

“So his pants won’t catch the fart smells, that way he can wear them longer.”

Not many homeless in Naples. He was probably just a minimal working guy or govt support: it isn’t cheap to fill up a blunt full of pot but she speculated he’s got a self-supporting little biz that leaves him just enough to smoke at will.

Made sense.

Anyway, free donuts at the back of the Catholic church probably isn’t the worst opinion, but if you do, please wear a belt.


Someone smoking $100 worth of weed in a big fat blunt sitting outside of McDonalds probably isn’t a homeless person, Gary, but a guy living in his parents’ house or his friends’ house, just “slumming it” but not actually homeless. Just sporting ‘the look’.


Yeah. I mean that one criteria made all the difference.If it was a cheap cigar? I’d have sympathy.
If it was a little piner? I’d have sympathy.
But big fat blunt? No sympathy.

  While he was sitting there, a black guy with dreadlocks and a really nice silver grille on his top teeth, came out of the McDonalds, walked towards him.

He took one look at that guy who was sitting on the ground and cut through the bushes to get to his car.


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