I could be mistaken, but you may be a fellow contrarian.

I could be mistaken, but you may be a fellow contrarian.

Back in the late 1990s with the big woo-woo Systems Analyst job at a NJ Pharma, I had the kind of income that lets you play with the stock market. I automated most of my systems, which gave me time to research and learn.

I found the style of investing that suited me is called Contrarian. I followed it. Went the slow DRIP style instead of day-trading. Only invested for about two years. [1999-2001] left for Florida. Managed to stretch the proceeds that continued through the stock market bubble and crashes ’til I finally ran out of it n 2014, more than enough time to establish a business here to squeak by with.

Point is: Contrarian works, whether it’s money or other fields. Application is slightly different depending on the field (contrarian in discussions can either be debate for debate sake or it can lead to diplomacy, depending on end-goals).

Anyway, there ya go. My opinions. Shred at will tongue emoticon

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