I can’t not think of all of these things. Then I look at my arms.

Yup. Those are good metaphors there. I used the pain metaphor. I console myself somewhat that media inflation and overestimation of statistics to support a cause that has a financial or political support need is commonplace… so I don’t always trust the numbers.

That being said, it could be lower, or higher, or possibly accurate.

I don’t know the statistic, but I know that at the very moment, there are people in the USA that are kidnapped in basements and attics and nobody knows or cares about them. I know there’s children being kept in closets and starved because their parents want to focus their attention on their ‘normal’ children instead… the child suffering in the closet has known nothing else but starvation and pain until he/she dies a horrible, painful death most likely.

I know there’s future artists whose abilities will be snapped off suddenly by two sentences spoken by a teacher who thinks they’re being helpful next Thursday. Probably several thousand future creative people whose creativity is crushed in two second flat, and all of the creations that will never be made because of two sentences spoken.

I can’t not think of all of these things. Then I look at my arms. My hands. The computer in front of me. The people I see with my eyes. A cat that needs food and is complaining.

That’s all I can do something with right now. I give it my all ’til I’m dead.

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