I can’t _not_ be glad to be here, for I shouldn’t exist.

We’re an awesome anomaly smile emoticon I love existing.
Myself, I was born at 6.5 months way back in ’72. Hooked up to machines for 3 months. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Physical therapy ’til the age of 5. Zero traces. Zero. Brain? Rewired
itself around whatever the issue was. Entered school on the regular schedule with everybody else.

I could be blind. Too much oxygen would = blind. But instead, I have a right eye that only sees perhipheral and the ‘good eye’ is 200/20, oddly getting better in my early 40s, which is awesome. But I can see, and see sharp and fine with glasses. Colors have my ongoing fascination, especially ultramarine blue.

My left ear is tin, the right ear goes up to 5000hz and no more.

Yet, I seem to have perfect pitch and I can hear octaves far above my hearing [and far below] in my mind.

I look, act, appear normal, perhaps a little eccentric but otherwise, ‘fitting in’ [except real-life socially – blech] just fine.

So, yes, Every day I get up and I’m glad to be here. I can’t _not_ be glad to be here, for I shouldn’t exist.

Yet I do.

It’s a marvelous thing smile emoticon

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