I can come up with a story very fast that ties any random things together.

We’re both right. The cheese acts as food for the baby inside. The outside is moldy because of the life on the Moon, which we all know exists on the surface thanks to life carried to the Moon by Neil A., which backwards is Alien.

Lots of nieces and nephews through the years. I can come up with a story very fast that ties any random things together. tongue emoticon

^ Yeah, like n I often take the “least popular” side of the debate – even if I disagree with them.

Last night, I assisted a guy who believed in a non-naturalist objective morality. Totally pain in the ass he was. But he had a gang of relativist morality thinkiners (a way of thinking I tend to side with), and I didn’t like them ganging up on him, even though he was trying to hold his own.

But I know he has PTSD and he likes a nice black-and-white world. PLus, he already saw me as The Enemy in previous debates, so it was my challenge to make a partial friend out of him, while also not losing the respect of the others in the group.

I fared well I think.

He didn’t make it easy to take his side though. He pointed people to refer to a $125 dictionary of Philosophy.

So what did I do? I found a copy of it in China – 1023 pages and I took him literally.


Yes, and in my case, I don’t stick to the glorious Fallacy chart either. I almost never use it. I scan for keywords in their way of speaking so that I know what “type” of debating their up to.

Once I know the approach their taking I look for the holes. I often turn to absurdism, or metaphorical language, or etymology, or history – things they’re not good at smile emoticon’


Because if all they want to do is win, they can have it. I’ll give them a damn good fight, but then when they say keywords like, “I don’t have time to waste with… ” and such… I know I’ve won.

But I won’t get them to admit it, and really, I don’t care if they admit it.

So, I keep my mouth shut, knowing I’ve won, and give them the trophy and say, “You have bested me”.

Always gets me a new friend.


The answer to all of them?
“I don’t know”.

People hate that answer. smile emoticon

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