I call myself agnostic out of convenience now

from New Jersey USA: Raised Methodist Christian with apparently New Age-y upbringing without realising it (Nana was into Edgar Cayce, Joseph Campbell and ancient aliens long before even X-Files and that’s old now), did seeking as a teenager and young adult from Baha’i and Unitarian Universalist, to Vipassana Meditation, to Episcopalian, Lutheran, Quakerism, a few I’m forgetting, work at a Roman Catholic University and hung out with the priests and young people becoming priests, looked in the Yellow Pages for any major religions I’d missed (when Yellow Pages was a thing), saw this thing called “Eastern Orthodox”, called one up, got “Father is out giving house blessings right now. This is his wife. How can I help you?” and I was hooked. (Oh my mother was married to an Egyptian for a couple of years when I was in middle school and she got to go to Egypt for a month too – and he practiced pretty standard Islam and I asked him loads of questions about Islam at the time, as I was thinking of becoming a Methodist minister as a kid, although he was like a standard Catholic was – you believe, do your thing that you gotta do because it’s right but live your life)
Did it for a few years, getting deep in, learning some Russian, a little monastery time, petered out after six years but I learned REALLY SOLID Christian theology, got into Osho for a couple of years, then was Mr. Science for like 10 years until the New Atheists became a thing and Stephen Hawking decided to fight a cardboard God he made up, where I lost respect for him.
and in none of that time, did I really reject any of the religions I looked at.
I call myself agnostic out of convenience now although that’s probably not precisely it. But it’s close enough. Not atheist though. Atheism doesn’t make a lick of sense.

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