I call it: The Mad Scientist God view.

The view of God most rejected is also a view of God that I believe very few people believe in ANYWAY:

I call it: The Mad Scientist God view.

God is outside of Spacetime. He can view all of spacetime at once and intervene at any given point in time. But because he’s REALLY wicked and NOT a nice helpful God to humans, ,he decides to ignore pleas for help and allow suffering in the world. But once in a while, Mad Scientist God does something nice.

He also has a beard. And is generally Italian.

This is a view of God rejected by most human beings generally speaking. It’s easy to reject Mad Scientist God because it’s absurd.

It’s an oversimplification of some of the complexities of the theologies within the individual religions. In short, shoddy theology. Easy to reject by anybody.

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