I believe we’re in a Post-Humanist era

Sometimes, but it’s a route not often tried.

I believe we’re in a Post-Humanist era

Humanism was popular when I was growing up.  Some members of its mindset include, in my mind, Pope John Paul II, Joseph Campbell, Carl Sagan, the current Dalai Lama (I think it’s the same dude).

As the cold war ended, it especially seemed that anything was possible.  The Berlin Wall came down – an impossibility.  Why even peace in the Middle east was a vaguely possible notion.

But then the 90s.  Polarization increased on all sides, whatever the issues were.  The champions of humanism slowly died off and I watched a greater and greater polarization of society.

Now, in 2015, I sometimes feel foolish when I speak of humanistic things.  It’s passe.  We’re in the “action must be taken now” era.  “Here’s the black hats, we have the white hats” – cowboys & Indians has returned.

I suppose it’s the ebb and flow of things but I’m still a bit of an idealist I suppose, yet I recognize that polarization is very natural and quite normal and not necessarily a bad thing.

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