I believe it’s PRACTICAL for the world to believe in global warming

t’s pretty. I’m not anti global warming. I watch my carbon footprint. But again, not in power. Doesn’t matter how much or how little I agree.

I believe it’s PRACTICAL for the world to believe in global warming / greenhouse gases / whatever they called it in the 1980s.

I believe it’s IMPORTANT because I don’t want a stinky planet for the future.

I had a Scientist friend in the early 1990s that COULD NOT get funding for his department’s pet projects (a biologist friend in England) until he listened when he was told:

“add “and its effects on greenhouse gas emissions” and you will get funding”.

He did. He was studying microevolutionary patterns of squirrels or something.

He got funded.

ALL THAT being said.

It’s a PRAGMATIC, PRACTICAL choice for the push to take place.

Do I believe there is a heap of “follow the cash?”


But it doesn’t matter. It’s still for a good cause.


In short, I support the ends, which justifies the means to get there in this case. A little hyperbole (or a lot), some nice shock value, a political movement, good guys, bad guys, the whole Theatrical Production taking place on the world stage… all these things help propel it forward.

Fueled by truth or bullshit?

A bit of both. But the ends justify it to me. It’s still a good cause.

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