I believe a tenuous peace is possible – awkward peaces -

Oh, I’m not doom-and-gloom about it quite so much. I believe the forces of logical positivism will keep that at bay.

And yeah, forms of DNA eugenics or population control methods will likely be a part of it, alas. I suppose it already is, but that goes into very controversial areas, ones I’m not committed to defend or oppose.

I believe a tenuous peace is possible – awkward peaces – are possible between nations and I believe it’s possible between the ideologies of capitalism and socialism. But “pure” of either I don’t think works well at all, except perhaps in very small under 150 ppl communities.


Oh definitely – there will be a mess… yet again… then peace… then another mess.. then peace.. j

I grew up in the 80s, so I actually believed a lasting peace was possible. I thought America changed. Meh. Nope. I thought Russian changed. Nope. I thought the middle east changed. Nope.

All same. – and even if major powers shift, they’ll fight about something else. More power. More politics. More revolutions, with bit of relative peace inbetween for most.

[consider: MOST people don’t actually experience war directly in their lifetimes. But some do. And some do frequently but most just live regular lives generally and talk about threats.. or maybe they know somebody who was involved at best]

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