I became my own father growing up, filling in the gaps as best I could.

That is something I agree with 100%. You’re very lucky to have had a supportive family structure. I had mom, grandmother, sister, brother, pets. I created an artificial family around me with adults from my church, adults from around town, teachers, fictional characters I admired, products of my imagination and such.


Indeed they are smile emoticon Kids with pets learn parenting skills early. It’s also good for parents because it lets them see if their kid is abusive to their pet and if they are, they can work to fix sociopathic tendencies before they get out of hand.

But I was always an animal lover so there was no worry there smile emoticon

Having to “create my own father” serves me well though: I became my own father growing up, filling in the gaps as best I could.

Now, at 44, I do entertainment/education stuff online in various places and I get a lot of kids that follow me. So, I become the “far away uncle they never had”, giving advice, telling stupid jokes and stuff like that. So, I’m helping fill the village as best I can. Kids need one and when kids are left with only their peers for guidance, the result can be tragic.


Indeed. Politicians and high ranking businessmen alike. They are like Generals having to give orders that destroy lives.

Even Doctors in the USA are trained to be somewhat sociopathic for their own protection: You have to have to be emotionally strong to handle life and death and if you’re not, a little distancing yourself is unfortunately necessary.

But it’s still better to be emotionally strong and rational.

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