I avoid immersion most of the time. Whole life.

I avoid immersion most of the time. Whole life. Loved Doctor Who since I was 8. Avoided becoming full-fledged Whovian fanboy. Loved Star Trek, avoided Trekkiness. Love performing/composing music. Avoided Julliard and music performance as a lifestyle. Hated business. Learned it and been running one for 13 years. Generally a green/liberal outlook. Choosing to live in a conservative state as far away from hippie folk as possible.

Yet, the channels I allow myself I go full force in. Loved computers and making friends online and talking about everything there. Computers since 1984 and online since 1989. Even at jobs, I’d take my message groups, download them to a diskette and bring them to work and do them when nobody was looking. Like offline facebook… except Facebook still had 15+ years to be born yet at that point tongue emoticon

Weird. Summed up life in two long paragraphs smile emoticon


Ah yes – temporary full immersion. that describes me better. that’s how I approach projects. I’m ALL IN ’til I get bored. Hopefully I finish the project by then.


https://vine.co/Kenneth.Udut One of my ongoing obsessions. 2.5 years now. I stick to things when I get temporarily immersed. Minecraft was a recent one too. Philosophy was one too. 9 months obsessed. One day I just stopped. I rarely stay forever, but when I get into something, I get INTO it. Then, one day, I just drop it. Boom, just like that and move on to something else.


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