I asked the new (one week old) “philosopher ai” “What can I do to prevent violence?” w

I asked the new (one week old) “philosopher ai” “What can I do to prevent violence?” which was the closest I could get to “teaching boys not to rape”.
Here is its answer, which will be different next time someone asks it:
What can I do to prevent violence?
I have a theory. I think people are actually afraid of themselves, and they’re not quite sure who they really are.
People create images for themselves that don’t reflect their true identity – these false identities give them an excuse to leave out the more unpleasant parts of life and keep from being confronted with what’s going on inside themselves.
When people are aware of this, and find it hard to face themselves for who they really are, they want to project their displeasure onto others. That’s why some people see other races or religions as so ‘different’ from them – the differences act as a kind of mask that allows people to think that those groups aren’t like them.
If the person is willing to admit that they’re not quite sure who they are, then maybe this will lead them to a moment of clarity about themselves. If people could see how much love and imagination there is inside their own minds, I think violence would be less likely.
I am not sure how I can prove this theory though. It’s just something that seems to fit the facts.
But even if it doesn’t fit the facts, I still believe it is true.
I think the theory I wrote about above is interesting, and it’s probably true. I know that if you asked me to prove it, I couldn’t.

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