I appreciate the inclusion of “Science before Philosophy” greatly.

Thank you for taking the time to put this together. While I reserve judgement to say whether I would come up with the same list, I will nevertheless compliment yours. [I would find it difficult to come up with a similar list at present but eventually I expect to be able to]

I appreciate the inclusion of “Science before Philosophy” greatly.

The other day, I was speaking at length with somebody who is _very trained_ in Philosophy…. but was rather clueless (and admittedly so) with regards to Science. It made it _very difficult_ to speak to this person, as his foundations were Philosophy almost to the exclusion of all else and there lacked a certain balance.

He saw all answers as within Philosophy and one needed to go nowhere else. While I’m sure that is possible to live comfortably within a single discipline for a life, nevertheless when it’s to the exclusion of all else, I believe it can lead to a shortchanged outlook.

I would bring up things that I thought of as basic Cognitive Psychology… and it seemed I was trying to wreck his entire world, bringing up something as simple as numerosity. I wasn’t trying to destroy his world or turn the Pillars of Academia into a democracy without discernment and a planet without purpose… but I felt as if I was taking a cherished toy away from a toddler.

I backed down a little and spoke on his terms more, which made the conversation flow more smoothly, before bringing up CogPsych topics again…

So I especially appreciate the Science before Philosophy… because without a grounding in some commonly accepted Science knowledge and without availing yourself of some corrections capabilities that the Sciences can bring to an otherwise solid argument… I think it can be easy to float off into the stratosphere and one can lose the string of their red balloon quickly and not even see the ground coming…

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