I am hard-of-hearing

Hello David,
I am hoping that I did the work correctly; in a previous assignment, our replies to the prompted videos by the professor counted the same as a reply to a student; counted much the same as your reply to me will be. So I am trusting that will be the case.

I am hard-of-hearing and often depend on closed-captions and transcripts of videos. It is somewhat disappointing when a system such as Canvas here does not incorporate features such as automatic closed-captioning and transcripts, particularly when such is becoming readily available as plug-ins for most programmers. However, having worked in software and application design in the past, I know that “good enough” is good enough and needs ranges usually end at “just enough for most”, leaving even basic accommodations sitting in wait to be implemented at the bottom of the requests priority queue.

But I am privileged in that I can turn the volume up and can hear; videos like this in silence would likely be incomprehensible and even with captioning likely would not capture the intentions entirely, as pathos often depends on swaying emotions using music and sound effects whose application in the world of captioning is still primitive (a system that still says [foreign language] when they can just as easily write it out is embarrassing).

This is more of a personal reply as I’ve hopefully achieved what is needed in the official topic discussions in other replies but I wanted to express that I saw and understood your concerns and thoughts, even though I did not address your points about religion itself, one I hope to in a future reply at another time.

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