I am also interested in portable terminals.

I am also interested in portable terminals.

I have used the TRS-80 Model 100/102 from Radio Shack a few years back,
and it was WONDERFUL, but it is 40 characters across.

I currently have an Epson PX-8, which needs replacement batteries.  I
used the 300bps modem in it for some time (but the battery refused to
recharge after a few months of used – I bought it used).  It has an 80×6
character screen.

Ideally, I would like an 80×10, 80×20, or 80×24/25 screen on a portable
terminal.  Modem can be anywhere from 300bps and up, as speed isn’t of
the essence.

(I’m not ready to buy just yet – simply want to know what’s available, if

[via comp.terminals]

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