I always anted to try this.

I always anted to try this. Found some hypnosis scripts here: http://www.hypnosense.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=53 and tried one called Confusion. The script is on the youtube video or the link.

It’s for the analytical mind.

I’m no fun – I should just try to hypnotize you and pretend I have some sort of mystical power. Well, you can do that to other people if you like – in fact I’d love it if you made you *own* video on this tecnique or one of the others and post it to youtube…

see if you can hypnotize *me* – you probalby will!

But I’m a hacker. I like to hack this stuff. So by telling it to you, there’s the hack.

And ps – for hypnosis to work, you have to believe. You have to want to believe. I spoiled that by telling you and yet, there just may be some kind of power deep within yourself that will allow this to work.

Press Play and close your eyes.

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