. I also learned about the…

It’s true, Heather and it is so frustrating. In high school, I knew being a middle school guidance counselor or a minister or a scientist or a doctor was my calling. I became none of those things (not outwardly), and went into computers and business. You see, in my early 20s, I decided to find out *all* about each of the professions. I interviewed two psychologists in real life; friends of mine… who were seeing therapists who agreed to give me a few minutes of their time, when I said I was interested in becoming a therapist. They gave it all to me straight up, the goods, the bads, their own feelings. I listened and asked questions and listened some more. It is a profession one can enter at any stage of life, young adult or older. That took the desperation off of it – the “I *have* to do this -now-, or else” feeling. I also learned about the… “

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