I also know not to let them know that I know.

I let people think I’m naive.
It works very well.
They think you’re an idiot and say things around you.
I let them believe it.
Make fun of me in front of me and believing I don’t know it? Go ahead.
I’m listening.
Planning. …

lol no, actually I just feel pity. People who think they’re above me (usually because I’m a man and it’s a small group of women talking amongst themselves about me) can have their smug “above-me”-ness. I know what’s what.

I also know not to let them know that I know. tongue emoticon

People are sometimes less stupid than they at first appear.


One of Ken’s Rules:

When someone says or believes, “I’m good at reading people”.
or “I can tell what a person is like within a few seconds”,

I know they’re awful at it.

I watch and observe. They’re awful at it. Easily taken by sweet talkers. Yet they continue to believe their first impressions are correct.

But first impressions are usually wrong.

Even if they’re right, you can’t stop at a first impression because you could be wrong.

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