I also hear music in a squeaking door.

I listen to all kinds of music. I look for novelty. I try to keep my finger on the pulse of new music when it comes out. I enjoy identifying patterns, as I find trends and observing cultural changes absolutely fascinating.

Once I understand the pattern of style of music, it folds together in my brain with others that are similar. I never fully understand all of the classifications of genre that are given to musical styles, although some of them make sense. I suppose I’m always trying to categorize them myself. Furthest back I’ve gone is some recreations of Ancient Greek tunes on Lyre, and furthest forward as been whatever was popular on Youtube last week.

I also hear music in a squeaking door. I was blessed/cursed with a “perfect pitch”, so my brain is always identifying the notes that various noises around me are playing their songs in. Not a skill i need for anything, it just sort of happens as I go about my day. Quite irritating at times.

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