I also have some ideas about touch-screen display paint and how that could be implemented

I’m still sticking with Win7 64bit on this ancient laptop. Poor old thing. Abused to hell, on its 2nd keyboard. It was cheap and I use it all the time. I count how many apps… erhm.. programs I have installed on here the other day. 564 Uninstallable things.. not including the stuff that’s not installed.

I went Linux a few years back; has great promise and there’s a lot of stuff I have to shoehorn into Windows because the utilities simply aren’t there for Windows systems or workaround – but even with those caveats, I have to stick with Windows.I dread the day I have to leave this poor workhorse in the dumpster; I really should do a full backup again… _so_ much on here. *shudders at the thought of crash*.

On the phone route, I may be one of the few Windows users that went iPhone [it was cheap] – and what a change it gave me. BECAUSE I was restricted by design from hacking it and optimizing it, I didn’t, and I actually use it. Since my iPhone 4s (now 5s), I found myself using my computer instead of optimizing it to perfection. It was a weird change of attitude towards my systems.

I’m usually slow to upgrade; I wait ’til the bugs are worked out now. “first kid on my block with new OS” = free beta tester for the company. I actually stuck with Win2k and entirely skipped past XP and Vista [and maybe there’s another one I missed] ’til Win7. But before Win2k, I had upgraditis on everythere. – I used to have a testbed computer I’d install all sorts of OSs on, so my main computer would stay stable.

yeah, I found Win2k professional to be “The Stable” 32-bit OS for Microsoft. I don’t know where they will reach full stability in 64-bit land just yet, so I’m playing “wait and see”. By the time I upgrade, I’ll probably go with whatever it comes with. Once Microsoft started making it annoying to steal their OSs [I had one of them LOCK ME OUT], I gave up trying.

A cheap $400 Toshiba laptop with 8G ram. I like to make it do impossible things, but I abuse all of my computers.

lol I did that with a netbook tongue emoticon It was a little Acer Aspire i think it was called – had it b4 this one. Paid $199 for it. I forced it to do 3D games, crunch numbers in Excel. I was sure I’d melt the solder holding the video chip in place, but instead I lost it in the most ridiculous way:

I was making it do the new Google Hangouts (when it was new) every night for hours and hours. One day in a public vid chat full of 8 people [I only sorta knew 1], I decided to show them “how to boil water in a paper cup”.

Well, i succeeded.

Then I turned it over to show them the bottom of the cup.

Water on keyboard, instant death. Ok, it was beer.

I _loved_ the battery life on it. It was the ONLY laptop thing I ever took with me places. Thankfully smartphones got useful soon after that, so this laptop gets to stay semi-outside on my porch (lanai) all the time.

yeah, I was rooting
for the netbook. The tablets won the game, and rightly so – but I really liked the little netbook idea. 8 hrs of battery life — oh I miss that; a device with 8 hrs battery life. Unheard of!

Alienware makes nice laptops. Razer seems to be winning these days but Alienware seems to be holding its own; I’m still waiting to see what emerges over the next few years as smartphone/tablet, laptop and console begin to merge more and more. It’s rather exciting really.

Of course once then do, SOMEBODY will blow them ALL away with touch screen paper you can unroll on your table like a scroll or newspaper or wallpaper. I’m waiting for that to be invented.

I also have some ideas about touch-screen display paint and how that could be implemented with nanosized copper circuits embedded in spreadable silicon with constant charge via kinects and light… self-organizing systems, LEDS for display, micromotors to move the parts around and such – but I’ll be old or dead when that happens smile emoticon

I’m still waiting for music technology on computers to improve. Much better than it was, but far away from where it could be. Oh well. I’ve gotten to see a lot of my dreams come true already and can’t complain smile emoticon

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