I also have been investigating (past few weeks) the circumstances of my birth

I also have been investigating (past few weeks) the circumstances of my birth. 0.7% of total births that year were as premature as mine. Turns out I’m in the category of “ELBW (extremely low birth weight” and also in the Extremely Preterm – under 28 weeks. Luckily they had JUST opened up a brand new neonatal ICU in the hospital in Newark a mere three months before I was born, so they sent me there. 0.7%. They diagnosed me with cerebral palsy. I’m half deaf, half blind, likely have inattentive adhd and likely on the autistic spectrum (not sure though), and they did diagnose me with generalized anxiety disorder when I was 11 years old. At that time, she took me to a highly experimental psychiatrist – I didn’t know until looking into it about 3 years ago how experimental it was — where I controlled a computer with my feelings, making a little character go up and down by relaxing or stressing, by thinking, etc. I was hooked up to electrodes and things. They also did guided meditation with me and I learned how to do that stuff. Nowadays it’s called neurofeedback but at that stage it was classified as biofeedback, but it was more sophistocated because of the computers.

Between 2-4 years old, I was taken to the cerebral palsy center in Union, NJ. They did physical and occupational therapy on me and other things. It rewired my brain (likely the white matter but also neurons probably) and there’s no sign of cerebral palsy and I was able to go to school. The stutter they fixed when I was in 3rd grade. It is my right eye that’s blind and my left ear that’s deaf. My good ear only goes to 5000 hz. My good eye is poor – my bad eye gives me cyclops vision. Since the right eye hooks to the left side of the brain, and the left ear hooks to the right side of the brain, as they are both malfuntioning, that means there were spots for potential that were used by other senses instead. So, that’s how I explain my synesthesia to myself.


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