I also have a problem that extends to all forms of expression: I don’t edit much.

Thank you! I have a few ways although i don’t have universal answers yet.
a) I find the medium which is best suited for expressing the concepts I want to express. For me that’s usually writing prose rather than speaking because with writing, there is backspace and delete keys, which you don’t get when you speak. Some people are better at speaking aloud but I’m not. I need the feedback of “seeing” what I’m saying so I don’t lose my place.
Other forms of expression I sometimes use is art or music or poetry. I like making little videos for example or sometimes a meme picture to try to convey a concept.
The drawback with looser forms of expression that lack precision is that they can be ambiguous to other people. But at times, for me, my goal isn’t to help other people understand me but rather to help me to understand myself. I share them hoping other people will understand but if they do not, it’s ok too.
I also like diagrams and use them sometimes. If I had a faster way to produce diagrams, I would probably make more of them. I like boxes with arrows connecting them. But what stops me fro making more of them is that I am impatient and diagrams can be repetitive when making them.
I also have a problem that extends to all forms of expression:
I don’t edit much. I have a problem editing. I can edit quickly with backspace and delete while I’m writing but I rarely move paragraphs around or delete large amounts of text. I try to get it right when I make it the first time so that I can keep moving forward.
This extends to music expression. I play music but it is improvised. That is, whatever comes out of me, comes out. I’ve tried to edit music I’ve done, or create music “in pieces” using computer music software, but if the setting up for the song takes too long, I can’t.
I don’t plan in detail unless the planning takes place very quickly and the process of planning comes out quickly. If it’s too slow or takes too long or I have to go back and edit parts of the planning process I freeze up and can’t do it. I can do it for other people but not for myself.
So, I don’t have universal answers but it’s something I work on.

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