” I adore the way you write Kenneth. Are you going to write a book? Even when I disagree with you I find you a pleasure to read.”

I adore the way you write Kenneth. Are you going to write a book? Even when I disagree with you I find you a pleasure to read.


Wow, thank you :D I really should. I’ve been collecting everything I’ve written (as much as I can, anyhow) in hopes that one day I’ll find the central ‘something’ to write about.

I never cared for the way books are organized though. I mean, I like it for consumption (they’re predictable) but to produce one, well, I don’t “think like a book”. Perhaps from being online for so long, or maybe it’s because of my nature, formula writing always seemed to grate against me.


…it’s definitely something I feel as if I should do.

Really though, THANK YOU Hearing that really made my day, and I haven’t even finished my coffee yet!


Yeah, I could do that I think. Something like “one thought per page”, fill up book with x # of thoughts for x # of pages, maybe put dotted lines around each one so they seem *super* important and deep…

… man I’d feel like such a cheat doing that, compared to the people who write novels or well researched books with references… or people who spent 10-20 years on “Their Book”…

.. but then again, it’s not like there isn’t room for something like that kind of book.

You’re definitely giving me food for thought.


I played around with a few ideas, not in full seriousness but in fun.

None of them are worth buying.

The one called “You Are Awesome! Out of Context” is one of those experiments. I put it together before I understand how kindle formatting works and just set a random price to it. I think anybody who bought it would feel (justifiably) ripped off but I did it as an experiment to comprehend the process of “putting a book together”.




I’d feel guilty as heck if you spent money on it ’cause I don’t remember what things I wrote that I put in there :P

My thinking was: I’d go through things I wrote in the past, find “whole thoughts”, and they each become a page of their own.

I think I did 100 of them there, kinda small for $3 electronic. Might have been 50? I don’t know.

That was my “proof of concept” – and I do like the concept.

I don’t know why I didn’t pursue it again but this time with more seriousness but I tend to flitter around from project-to-project. Maybe it’s time I made book-stuff a project again.


Writers write.
You’re writing on Facebook. This is writing. You are a writer.
Do you want to write a book? Then write a book.
Do you want to be published? You can use Amazon self-publishing.
Do you want to be a money-making book author? Then you have to market yourself. That might be the hardest part, and why so many authors have agents. It’s a common problem.

I could never edit my own stuff and self-promotion is hard. If I wanted to be a money-making author, I’d need editors and an agent.

Specificity to your goals helps you figure out what questions you need to answer.

Everything up to “proper editing” and marketing with a focus on sales I could do.

But I know my weak spots. I put these books up there as experiments as “proof of concept” : How far can I go by myself?

[none are worth buying btw]


I don’t know. There’s a lot of books that are terribly written yet become popular Other books are written with perfect grammar and flow and don’t make a sale.

I don’t see where age ties into quality of writing though.

There are middle school writers that are excellent, their language levels appropriate for their age range.

Is there an expected appropriate writing level for your age? I don’t think there is.


You almost got me snagged there :P

Good “No True Scotsman” though – I _almost_ believed you ’til you reached the word “must”. At the word must, I burst out laughing.


I’ll tell you what you want to hear

You’re not old enough to write seriously. Focus on your studies. Ignore these childish urges of fame and fortune on the book circuit and leave the writing to the Boomers and GenXers who have a lock-down on the writing market and don’t want GenY to gain entry.

Stay on your side of the fence as consumer-only, as determined solely by your age.


and look! Us Boomers + GenXers have even heavily funded studies to try to CONVINCE you that your brain is *JUST NEWLY* fully developed at 25. Why, you’re just a _baby_ really, a new adult and can’t POSSIBLY know what you’re doing yet.

Leave all the important stuff to the grey and white haired people because we did a study proving you’re still incompetent based upon your age.


Now I have to bleach my eyes and wash my hands repeatedly 27 times in order to get the bullshit off of them.

“Teen brain” neuroscience is bullshit. Period.


You’ve been told for years that your age is a barrier to things, or experience, or that “if you don’t do” x, y, z you will fail.. and it’s all from:

a) failures projecting their failures onto you
b) successes who don’t want competition.

Occasionally you’ll find genuinely constructive criticism. But it’s rare.






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