I abuse my computer plus lists of programs I use regularly for video, audio, images, word processing etc

It’s true.  I abuse my computer.  I… also never turn it off for weeks or months at a time… AND it’s a laptop… plugged in always,  I keep it on a back porch.  It can’t get rained on… but… well… it gets hot and cold and humid – not much protection from the weather at all.

But to be fair, I stay with it as much as possible and I give PLENTY of encouragement.  I never get mad.  I’m very nice and I think it is happy to work hard and feel productive.

Oh, I don’t know it’s name.  I… never… gave it a name… I don’t even know its gender…  wow… I just never thought to check…

Pardon me, I know perfectly well what overclocking is.  I have destroyed a perfectly expensive PC overclocking once.  I do not wish to repeat that. :P
is quite correct, outside of the overclocking comment :P – I save my resources for processing rather than appearance.  I use minimal resources for appearance, which gives every single computer I run the look of Windows95.

It’s not that I like the look of Win95, I just don’t care what it looks like :P

There’s “show”, and then there’s “go” – and I like my computer to go as fast as it possibly can, as efficiently as they can.

The java processes?  I was rendering 10 Minecraft Worlds simultaneously, converting 96GB total of Region files into 42,000+ 512×512 PNG files, thank you very much :P  Took 24 hrs total but it did it.  Now I have to assemble the pieces.

and the ancient Snipping Tool is unbelievably useful, low resource and free.  You should see what I use for my main video/audio capturer:


I also type in Notepad or Notepad++, use ancient Office 2000 apps for raw speed [only using newer versions when I have to] – Libreoffice/Openoffice handles the newer stuff – for images, I use Paint.NET – the closest thing to Windows Paint I could find – for most things – ImageJ/Fuji for gigantic images (its a biomedical tool for brain slices and chemistry but it’s universal) – and ImageMagick is handy for short projects – and my main video editor?
Windows Movie Maker..  Yes.  WMM, converting to MP4 with Handbrake.  So primitive.
[I have ffmpeg, VLC for fancier stuff]  Audacity is my sound editor, although I really love the new thing that Sony I think came out with [or maybe adobe] that auto selects harmonics but I’m too cheap.

In short, if you want me to turn ANYTHING into ANYTHING, I can do it.


yeah overclocking.  I’ve made computers smoke before. Overclocking isn’t hard to do; and usually you get a tiny bit of wiggle room to do a little overclocking.  [they purposely underpower computers a little – it makes them tougher] – but if you decide to go too far… well… you’d better have LOTS of extra fans in the computer and an extra-beefy power supply.

Consider water-cooling too.  I made a water-cooling setup once.  Copper pipe running around the CPU and video card with a little fishing pond pump in a bowl of water with ice and water in it.

[I’m not really a “laptop guy” – I’m a BIG OPEN TOWER kinda guy.  But I like to force myself to “work with less” and “make it do more”.  It forces me to get creative.  It also keeps the screwdriver out of my hand :P ]
From an ancient Resume: :P  [the years don’t matter – computers are still put together exactly the same way :P Boring really.  I keep waiting for a change] :)
=== D&F discount computers entry here ===
My boss, his wife + 3 kids (and dog) and the technicians who worked under me made a mess :P Doritos and Mountain Dew everywhere. My boss ended up getting sued by Microsoft for installing illegal copies of Windows on computers, but thankfully I was gone by then.  Before he ran the store, he helped launch a satellite into space in his previous job, which was pretty cool.

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