*hyperlocal*, *calendar mer

*hyperlocal*, *calendar merging*, *bbs*, *missing*

One thing strongly missing from the internet – missing from Facebook (they have it a little), from Google+, from all the social networks, is a very easy way for communities to connect that are actually, truly, really, physically local in nature. *hyperlocal*

I’ve got my http://free.naplesplus.us site, which I’ve talked about before (and I’m sorry for the smash, ”here it is again” – but I resist posting about it too much) — and it’s for *Collier County, FL* and *Naples, FL* in the USA. It’s not spectacular but it’s the best I’m able to do.

I’ve seen newspapers do a pretty good job of it, but it’s often big, clunky and slow. The social networks which draw the most people should have a very easy *local page* where all the stuff happening in your community is pulled together. I do it with RSS feeds and some crazy convoluted methods to get things to work… but this is something that we haven’t been able to get right online since way back in the BBS days (Bulletin Board Services).

Of course, I’d never trade it for the fact that I have friends in Brazil, England, people speaking the same or different languages that i’m able to talk do — the world shrinking factor is absolutely astounding!

But how do i find out what’s happening down the street from me? Extremely difficult. Calendar merging is probably one of the most difficult things to do that I’ve seen. Hopefully somebody will come up with a better way and make it so simple and easy that community associations will take advantage of, making hyperlocal calendering a simple matter.

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