hyperfocus – inhibition ring.

People who have tremendous difficulty focusing paradoxically can also have hyperfocus, an ability to go REALLY REALLY deep into a topic or activity to the exclusion of all else.
The view stays fixed but reality itself is “pulled towards” the viewer. The viewer’s focal area sends out an inhibitor around itself, pushing away its own distraction (for to zoom, you have to ignore what’s around the focal area).
By contrast, you have to ignore detail when you zoom out and the grain of individual elements is too small and blurry.
The “inhibition ring” around the zoom area is powerful. In front of our eyes, it’s a physical blocking of light, but not entirely. As it reaches the back of the eye, the cells which bleach in response to the stimulus put a ring of protection around itself. That ring of protection is what we don’t see and what’s bleached is what we do see. See Mexican Hat wavelet for basic notion.
It has a lot of processing to go after that of course.
I find hyperfocus easier to work than having backgrounds constantly shifting and “changing focus – for I think that is what the problem is with many who can’t focus: It’s having to CHANGE focus that’s the problem, not focusing itself. I think it’s called “shifting”. Set shifting or cognitive shifting. Background itself shifts. But in a zoom, the background doesn’t shift, but it’s inhibited as you zoom in – yet it stays right where it is in the periphery, starting at the inhibition ring and then beyond.

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