HYPERFAST: *Accomplish ever

HYPERFAST: *Accomplish everything and never get lost. Coping Skills.* by Kenneth Udut, simplify3@gmail.com 7/28/2013

How to accomplish anything in life and never get lost again.

WARNING: this video is highly compressed information. It might hurt your head or heart.

After watching this once, watch it again with your eyes closed and forget that I am talking about mowing the lawn. I’m not talking about mowing the lawn, although it happens to apply.

You can tackle any problem, whether it is mowing the lawn, homework, or people problems, using all of the same techniques. This is not every technique, it is only a few. Yet, if you understand and master even just these skills, you will do well.

Doesn’t make sense to you?

Watch with your eyes closed and your ears and mind open.

Think in analogies. What do the things I say remind you of in your own life?

Or in the lives of others?

Or in problems of the world?

I’m not trying to be obscure, or make it ”Zan and the Art of Lawn Mowing” or ”Quantum Lawn Mowing”. No no – these are all very practical, useful skills – nothing mystical about them at all.

This is a highly compressed set of messages. With 6 seconds of video for Vine, I had to shorten each idea down to its absolute bare minimum that I could think of..

Don’t steal this, but use it freely and only for free things.. And let me know if you use it for something. The project may have taken an hour and a half total – the time it took me to mow the lawn – but the ideas represent me. My thinking. My compression of human knowledge down to some basic rules which I hope are true.

If this helps you or changes you – tell me. simplify3@gmail.com Kenneth Udut or simplify3 on most major networks.

If it is confusing to you, ask me. I’ll explain. All the best! -Ken

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