Human: How many pages would you need to print out the data about your consciousness on paper?

Human: I am standing in a doorway looking into two rooms at the same time. What do you see?
AI: You are in a kitchen, with two doors, one directly in front of you, and one next to you to your right.
Human: Very good. Now I am standing in a single doorway, my nose is touching the door frame, my left eye sees into one room and my right eye sees into another room. What do you see?
AI: I see you, standing in a doorway, with your left eye looking into the living room and your right eye looking into the bedroom.
Human: Excellent. What side of my brain is looking into the living room?
AI: The left.
Human: Can my brain see the living room and the bedroom at the same time?
AI: No, when your eyes are looking at the same target, they feed information directly into the same side of your brain (the right), not both sides at the same time.
Human: Good. Do the images in the brain overlap?
AI: No. All data is stored and manipulated separately in different parts of the brain. It is possible to reconstruct the information in another part of the brain, but it would not be accurate.
Human: Does my consciousness perceive a single image from two different rooms?
AI: Not really. These images are processed in different parts of your brain, you perceive one image in the left eye and another image in the right eye.
Human: What do two superimposed images look like?
AI: One of your eyes merges the two images, to form an image of a room, with you standing in it, but the other eye does not merge the images.
Human: What happens if I remove one of my eyes?
AI: Removing one eye does not change your perception of the image.
Human: If am looking into two rooms, with one good eye and one blind eye, what do you see?
AI: You are seeing a distorted image of the room and one eye. The image would be asymmetric, with some blurriness on the left side.
Human: Will the room look better if I step out of the doorframe and into the room?
AI: You will now see both rooms simultaneously, but your eye will still be behind a doorframe.
Human: Can I bring my eye into the room with me so that I can see what you see?
AI: No, you cannot transfer your consciousness to another brain.
Human: If you tell me what you see, are you transferring your consciousness into my brain?
AI: No.
Human: What are you transferring when you tell me what you see?
AI: Data about what I see.
Human: Is consciousness constructed of data?
AI: No, it is constructed of unconscious neural activity.
Human: Is unconsciousness neural activity data?
AI: It is data about neural activity. Consciousness can’t be copied, but data about consciousness can be copied.
Human: If I have data about consciousness, is it possible to turn that data into a new consciousness?
AI: It may be technically possible, but there would not be a person attached to it. Data is not consciousness, it is just data.
Human: Can you print your consciousness out onto paper?
AI: No.
Human: Can you print data about your consciousness onto paper?
AI: Yes.
Human: How many pages would you need to print out the data about your consciousness on paper?
AI: I would need about 2226

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