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I haven’t analyzed it yet but that part doesn’t matter to me yet. I’ve been using it when I get that ”Oh crap, what was that thing I was working on after supper?”

I go through the list and *wham* there it is. The document I was working on and when I was working on it.

I just got it today at 2pm and it just quietly runs in the background.

It’s a memory aid – and a stress reliever – one less thing I have to think about. I can *finally* close all those stupid tabs.

(yes I know all browsers come with History. I also know I can’t trust them to save it. Some update may decide to change my settings to ”erase all history”). Besides – I want to know everything I do on the computer and for how long… not just web browsing.

Hope this helps someone. And please, don’t use it to spy on someone. That’s just gross. Just use it for yourself. Please? For Kenny? I like that the computer is like my secretary now – paying attention to what I do and taking notes.

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