#howto not be #clumsy H

#howto not be #clumsy Having no depth perception, I’ve been clumsy my whole life. I’ve compensated by keeping my hands in and not reaching out to get things unless I needed to, because I *always* seemed to knock things over.

Well, half a lifetime later, I realized the very simple rule that most people *probably* learn when they are very young: #clearance

If you’re eating, you might spill over your glass of milk.

If you have your soda by the computer, you might knock it over the computer and break it.

If you’re working with power tools, you might cut off your fingers or cut your arm or face.

Knowing your #bodyspace is necessary. Taking on the perspective of an #alien who just inhabited this #body I’ve been seeing the world with new eyes. #occupationaltherapy #disability #howtobenormal (well how to fake being normal – who the heck is ”normal”? I haven’t found one yet).

Hope this helps somebody out there.

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