Hows this for mind blowing?

Hows this for mind blowing?

All mammals know they exist. The brain inside of a brain. Who am I? I figured it out – although I’m sure I’m not the first. Well, here you go. You know when you get a ”gut” feeling or you just ”know” something – like, ”I know I exist”?

The sense of taste and ”gut” feelings (deep emotions) are literally located DEEP within your brain. You deeply feel that you exist because, just like a deep craving for your favorite food (or drug or perhaps certain emotional states) – are all happening together in the Insular Cortex – the brain within your brain.

”I exist” is about as much of a gut feeling as anything else. it’s hard to shake it.

Since all mammals have an insular cortex, this means that all mammals have self-awareness. They know they exist.

Hows that for mind-blowing?

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