How to use Minecraft to Build Ancient Egyptian Pyramids the way *they* did it. Engineering Technique. Internal Spirals.


Kenneth Udut decides to use Minecraft to make a model of how the Great Pyramids were built.

I’ve been intrigued by a self-supporting method of internal spirals that Henri Houdin suspected was the method used to build the Great Pyramid of Khufu / Giza. I thought, “Lemme take a few minutes and try”. And, without needing millions of dollars worth of 3D rendering to make fancy flythroughs – I show you one of the possible methods in a four minute instructional video, without all of the mystery and drama.

Did they *really* use an internal set of spiraling ramps like this? Well, since Minecraft blocks are the same as colored Styrofoam blocks with velcro covers… weight isn’t a problem. So, the engineering technique is sound and solid and scalable. I wanted to prove it to myself and in 5 minutes of building, and 4 minutes to make an instruction video, it was a worthy 10 minutes of time I think, to satisfy an old curiousity.

The way we are taught in school and most documentaries is completely WRONG. We learn that they use long ramps, hundreds of thousands of workers, and that a block had to be laid every 3 seconds.

All a load of bullsh*t. It assumes they were stupid. Some people even go so far as to say that aliens built it. But, come on: they were extraordinarily smart. Humans aren’t any FUNDAMENTALLY smarter NOW than we were 5000 or 50000 years ago.

Think about it: We have the same biology. The same hardware. The same inputs and outputs. The same processor. We’re social beings.

Sure, we know more now. But when it comes to Engineering and “good principles” for building haven’t really changed a whole heck of a lot during the whole course of humanity.

I mean, yes, we know more things now. But we’ve also forgotten a lot and continually rediscover methods used by past humans that work great.

Whether or not they used circular or more square spirals, started from four sides at once or did a single spiral – the construction method of building the INSIDE while spiraling upwards simply makes sense.

There are some really fancy, expensive mysterious 3D fly throughs made but – forget all that mystery unless you want it. I just wanted to see if it was logical. And… it is. Minecraft is a good enough 3D modeling tool to test these things out with; that’s why I like it so much.

If I wasn’t so lazy, I could get four players to build a gigantic pyramid; or perhaps launch an older version of Minecraft and have automated workers do it.. or play around with Worldedit and figure out the formulas for 4 spirals. But you know what? I don’t want to. I can see how it works. Go up about 22.5 degrees (that’s 2 blocks per “step” instead of 1 block per step, which brings up up at a 45 degree angle) – and follow the method I showed.

No wasted materials. No wasted effort. You can do it in survival.

And.. because Minecraft blocks are 2.5 million pounds, or whatever the heck they were in Ancient Egyptian days, it’s a whole lot easier. Minecraft’s styrofoam velcro-covered colored blocks are awesome building materials.


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