How to upgrade to Windows 98 from MS-DOS in VMWare

lol what a weird process to get Win98.  I could do it an easier way but I like trying the upgrade route through a virtual machine.

a) Get VMWare Player.  Learn it.
a) Get MS-DOS/Win31 VMware virtual machine
b) Set it up.  Make sure it works.
c) Shut it down.
d) Get VDDK50U1 *all because it has vmware-mount.exe
e) mount the MS-DOS/Win3.1 iso to something like Z: drive under Administrator console.
f) open Win98 second edition (the very last version that can *still* run ancient MS-DOS apps natively)
g) Extract all the files to some folder somewhere.
h) Copy those files into the mounted drive under a subdirectory you make.
i) unmount the Z: drive using vmware-mount
j) load up the MS-DOS/Win31 virtual machine.
h) upgrade to Win98.

Overkill? Sure.  But I like knowing the process.  At least I *think* this is the process. This is my plan.  So we’ll see how it goes.

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