How to turn bullshit into something meaningful

CA writes:
“Hidden meaning transforms unparalleled ab- stract beauty.”
Although this statement may seem to convey some sort of potentially profound meaning, it is merely a collection of buzzwords put together randomly in a sentence that retains syntactic structure.

I could make it mean something – hang on:

Beauty is an abstract quality. You can have tangible beauty – touchable beauty. Visible beauty. Some believe that beauty is an objectifiable thing, a universal thing, shared by all humanity.

So, abstract beauty can have a contrast which would be concrete or tangible beauty.

Hidden meaning is interesting too. You have dictionary definitions but then you have the understanding that’s not in the dictionary. Nuances, semantics, implications, metaphorical connections between diverse conceptualizations which are hidden in the text, but exposed in the context.

Hidden meaning can also more concretely be a metaphor for a seed.

Hidden life in a seed which appears dead.

So hidden meaning transforms into abstract beauty:

A planted seed becomes a tree.

From an apparently abstract meaningless statement, into a seed growing into a tree.

Anything can be provided meaning. smile emoticon

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