How to travel faster than light like a cat jumping on a carpet runner on a wooden floor.

Hell yeah. But I want a strong hull ’cause the ships that WE send up into space are tin-foil and tiles. One micro meteorite and Psssssssssssss bye-bye air.

Blasters? definitely. Ships? Better hulls :)

Oh, and I won’t be satisfied with any ship engine that *doesn’t* bend spacetime to get there. I want the spacetime in front of me to squish close so I can pass through long stretches of space in no time at all… while leaving a trail of slowtime-expended space behind me… …. like a cat that jumps on a carpet runner and folds up the carpet in front of her… but… also.. passing… through it… so yeah bad analogy.

well.. yeah – that’s one of the ways I figure we can do space-travel through and past our galaxy.

Spacetime=carpet Cat=ship
Oh and 2D carpet –> 4D spacetime. 3D cat is 3D

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