How to stay at Win7 and stop the Win10 update nag.


I haven’t tried it, but several reputable websites (I’ll post links afterwards) have each recommended downloading and running this:

You can also do it manually if you’re more comfortable going through the steps. Each of those sites shows a manual process and you can compare.

I’m also on Windows 7 and plan to stay on it until this laptop dies of natural causes. [it’s on its 2nd keyboard already]. I’ve got everything configured just how I like it. I’ve been lucky that I’d disabled Automatic Updates a long time ago, so I never received the Win10 upgrade nag, although I’m sure I missed some useful upgrades in the process. I like having control over my PC and since all of my favorite useful tools and programs are Windows, I really don’t feel like going through the hassle of moving over to Linux at this point. Maybe later but for now, I rather like Windows 7

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