How to speak in academic BS.

How to speak in academic BS.
Kenneth Udut The mathematical narrative of E=MC2 must be unpacked to fully realize its impact upon the nature of the relationship between energy and matter, to whit, they are one and the same yet misleading when presented in its stereotypical, oversimplified “common man” fashion. One must consider the prerequisite unmovement and not be ignorant of the undeniable fact that there simply is not enough variables to account for materials that are in motion upon the relativistic reference frame.Framed in a socialcultural relativistic fashion, the general ignorance of the full formula, remaining in its not unpacked form, reduces the effective utilization of the full formula for its initial purpose and instead has often become the launchpad for conceptualizations of the nature of reality that are questionable at best.

Kenneth Udut See, I just pulled that out of my ass. It’s actually fun.
Lynn K.K Relativistic! Launchpad! Ass!

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