How to reassemble 3D voxel matrix chunks into a final 3D image using WLD files.

Geeky nerd stuff.  I’m picturing a 3D version of this for future 3D image files that will be voxel based and allow for recombining of 3D objects easily.

This is the 2D version currently in use.

The key to making HUGE image files from a bunch of smaller ones (“tiles”) is knowing WHERE the little tiles are supposed to go in the big gigantic final image.

To do so, you need a coordinate system.  You need a master map with coordinates, and then each image needs to have its length and width, as well as the location on the map that it’s supposed to go.

A utility called GDAL_MERGE can magically put the puzzle back together again.

I’m envisioning (if it doesn’t already exist) 3D voxel based image files, with the ability to have their coordinates on a final, larger 3D image so that it can “self-assemble”.

[sort of like artificial intelligence but more like the voxel matrixes (something like a chunk in #minecraft ) – knows exactly where it needs to go].

So, that’s where my brain is at.

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