“How to make not-online friends as an adult?” My answer:

“How to make not-online friends as an adult? ”  My answer:

My lament from late adolescence through much of my 20s was this:

“Why can’t we just walk up to someone and say “wanna be friends?” like we did when we were little?”

It’s why I enjoyed being online so much then and still do today.

I’ve written much about it through the years: the difficulty of non-club oriented, not-part-of-a-couple, just-want-random-friends… don’t have kids or drugs or drinking or school or political leaning or a particular religion as an excuse… and it’s in ‘men-can-stand-alone-and-don’t-need-anybody-America” where your job should be all you need for your identity.

and so… my answer from late adolescence to middle age has been the same: online. Did other non-online ways to make/keep friends to varying degrees of success, but my longest term and best friends have all been scattered across the world.

Heard all the advice. Tried 60-70% of it over the years. Still like online best. So, I’m no good for an alternative answer for you

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