how to get rid of duplicate values in excel with a little manual sorting.

I usually create a new sheet in the same workbook (after backing up the original… just in case)… then I make the copy-as-values. Then I create a new field which allows me to sort back to original order. Number it 1-whatever. [using the auto fill numbers thing] Then I can play. If you know the columns, create columns next to each of the three. Make column headers so that you don’t accidentally sort only PART of the wide sheet. Then you sort each column one at a time. For each sort, you do something simple like: =b2=b1 which renders you the true or false. Then copy paste true/false column as values. Then search replace FALSE with blank. What’s left is TRUE. Repeat process for the other two columns. Wen you’re done, sort with the numbered column you added. Now that things are back in place, For each of the trues you fine. go back and zap the duplicates. This isn’t the most efficient method, but it’s very very fast, quick and dirty.


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