how to get it to break down a formula

how to get it to break down a formula


Here are some questions you could ask an AI system to guide it through breaking down a formula step-by-step, similar to how you did it:

– Can you explain to me what this formula is calculating overall?

– What are the different variables/symbols represented in the formula?

– Can you walk me through each variable one by one and explain what it stands for?

– What is the relationship between these variables?

– How do they fit together mathematically to calculate the overall result?

– What is the purpose or significance of having some variables inside vs outside the parentheses?

– Can you explain the exponential or multiplicative part of the formula?

– Why is that portion necessary to calculate the final output?

– What would happen if we removed or changed certain variables?

– Can you provide an example using hypothetical values to illustrate how the formula would be applied?

– Do you understand all the steps of how this formula works? Please re-explain it to me in your own words.

– What other questions could I ask to help improve your understanding of this formula?

By prompting the AI to methodically define each symbol, examine relationships between variables, and re-explain the steps, you can guide it through the same thought process you went through to achieve a conceptual breakdown of how the formula functions. Let me know if any part needs more clarification!

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