*How to Enable Google Talk’

*How to Enable Google Talk’s Universal Translator*

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Google Talk has a number of Translation bots available. Here is how to enable them so you can talk to people in your language, while they can talk to you in their language, and you will both understand each other!

1) Find the language you are interested in communicating in. Here is the list:

Arabic – English ar2en en2ar

Bulgarian – English bg2en en2bg

Czech – English cs2en en2cs

Danish – English da2en en2da

German – English de2en en2de

German – French de2fr fr2de

Greek – English el2en en2el

Spanish – English es2en en2es

Finnish – English fi2en en2fi

French – English fr2en en2fr

Hindi – English hi2en en2hi

Croatian – English hr2en en2hr

Italian – English it2en en2it

Japanese – English ja2en en2ja

Korean – English ko2en en2ko

Dutch – English nl2en en2nl

Norwegian – English no2en en2no

Polish – English pl2en en2pl

Portuguese – English pt2en en2pt

Romanian – English ro2en en2ro

Russian – English ru2en en2ru

Swedish – English sv2en en2sv

Chinese – English zh2en en2zh

Traditional Chinese – English zh-hant2en en2zh-hant

Traditional Chinese – Chinese zh-hant2zh zh2zh-hant

(from: http://www.google.com/support/talk/bin/answer.py?answer=89921#)

Their email addresses are: from language 2 to language @bot.talk.google.com

I used: *pt2en* and *en2pt*

pt2en = pt2en@bot.talk.google.com and en2pt = en2pt@bot.talk.google.com

2) Add the 2 translators (one for each direction) to your Google contacts.

a) Name doesn’t matter. I used en2pt

b) email address was: en2pt@bot.talk.google.com

c) google Talk name is: en2pt

d) Do the same for the *other* direction, in this case, pt2en

3) Now you can use them! Just add pt2en and en2pt to your Group Conversation in Google Talk and your portuguese friend will understand you, and you will understand your portuguese friend.

-Kenneth Udut, Naples, Florida September 20, 2011


@114432670726535922943 – Thank you so much for deciding to start a chat with me. When you talked to me, i saw your words in Portuguese and translated into English. I was absolutely amazed! Then I saw my words translated from English into Portuguese. I then realized we have a Star Trek style Universal Translator in Google Talk! I then posted to Orkut that ”It can be done”. This intrigued @112459149602325274654 who took this to level 2.

Many, many thanks to @112459149602325274654 for working so well with me in testing the English to Portuguese, Portuguese to English in Google Talk. I could not have done this at all without him. He is now a very good friend to me.

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