How to convert PDF to SVG T

How to convert PDF to SVG To avoid using any kind of bitmapped graphics. Bitmap graphics are old-fashioned and ugly and always have been. I wanted vector graphics ever since I first laid eyes on a vectrex, Saw the graphics in the original Star Wars, the black hole in the blackhole”movie, Or saw anything that involved a black screen with green lines doing something on it in movies and TV shows.

But I’ve been continually disappointed that support for this style of graphics, that is not ”dot by dot”., but rather” line by line” – Has been extremely limited and minimal throughout video games, websites, and computing in general.

I liked the idea of PDF files, but they were always locked and trapped.

But now that I understand the power of SVG, How it combines the best of text plus vector graphics, And is indexable by Google, It allows any computer system to zoom as much as it likes without any jagged lines… I know it is the way things are going in the future. Even photographs.

We never should’ve had bit mapped graphics in computers – But colored dots are far easier for our crappy computer power and memory situation as it has existed over the last 30 years.

But now that our computers are more powerful, there is no excuse for old-fashioned formats such as JPG, GIFs, BMP, TIFF, and dot by dot systems.

Storage space and speed of transmission was always a problem.

We had to compress everything into the smallest spaces.

But we don’t need to compress files anymore.

There is no reason to have tiny low-resolution graphics.

We just continue to use them because we are accustomed to dealing with phone modems and crappy computers

So I was excited to finally figure out how to use ink scape to turn pages of a large document # 2400 Pgs – Into a format that will always be beautiful and useful. Because it contains the rules for creating the letters on the screen, rather than creating a dot by dot representation of them.

To me, this is making a computer work like a computer # instead of simply a pegboard or Etch-a-Sketch Or light bright.


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