How to change your grades i

How to change your grades is actually really low-tech but would get you in heaps of trouble when they see you on camera doing it…

1) find out who has the power to change your grades

2) Find their password (it’s usually hiding under their keyboard, or top drawer – that’s where 80% of people write down their passwords)

3) when they’re out to lunch, login and change your grades.

But I don’t recommend it because a) security cameras are everywhere and disabling them is a whole diff story b) There will be multiple passwords: unlock screensaver, login to the network, to open up the software and to change the grades. It might not be that many but it’ll be at least 2 passwords you’ll have to find and get right – AND username too. And the punishment would be too severe.

But it’s technicallly possible.

Probably can’t do it from home because : they won’t let grade changing happen from computers outside the school LAN -you’re not the first person to want to change their grade… and many try 🙂

But if nothing else, the #1 hacking tip is this: psychology and behavior. People keep their passwords under their keyboard or in the top drawer of their desk or somewhere they can find it easily. Sit down in their chair and reach around. If they have it written down, it’ll be something you can grab with your hand from the chair.

a) people are lazy and don’t want to stand up

b) they write down the password because the network administrators often set it up where they have to change their password every 30 days/90 days/whatever and people can’t remember new passwords so they write them down.

That’s the funny part: They think they’re making it more secure by forcing the secretaries and princpal and stuff to change their passwords a lot. But they’re making it worse because then the people have to write it down – and every body thinks ”under the keyboard” is original. It’s not 🙂 Enjoy the hacking tip 🙂

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