How to change laws.

I don’t have a problem with this unthing called “society” or these words in books (or online now), “laws”.

I run a business. I pay taxes. I have a mortgage. I’ve played the stock market years ago. I’ve participated in the credit system. I’ve engaged in commerce. I do jury duty when asked. (USA). I obey local, state and federal laws when I do things that might bump into them.
I also don’t pay any mind to them generally. They’re just “there”.
If I wanted them to be different, I would run for public office, win, and appoint a judge who I felt would change the laws successfully in my favor. I would also argue in a format very similar to Facebook discussion groups, but in a wooden room with horrible chairs with a bunch of people and provide enlightened arguments full of metaphors and hyperbole in order to convince others to see things my way and vote to have the law changed.

Or I would go to law school, position myself politically so I would be appointed a judge, and then wait until the right court case came up in order to change the precedents that would change the law.

Or, I would stay in my current life position, start a kickstarter campaign and get lots of people to say, “I agree, Ken!” with signatures and bring it to one of those people who had the power to attempt to make the changes in law, because they are in the position to change laws and I am not.

Otherwise? I don’t really care. They’re just there.

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