*How To Become A Genius:* <

*How To Become A Genius:*

10,000 hours is going to pass by in your life.

You’re going to fill up that time with a whole bunch of things.

*The things that you spend the most time doing, THAT’S what you become an expert at.*

It could be expert at talking to people, expert at being awesome, expert at makeup, expert at brushing your teeth, walking, working on computers, saving the world, being nice, being sarcastic, being sad, being happy, farting, quantum mechanics, smiling, getting girlfriends, making friends, getting people to hate you, finding fault in other people, reminding people why they are amazing, praying, thinking, petting the cat, logical thinking, walking around in circles, listening to music, ignoring people, picking up a pencil, yawning, thinking great things about people when they’re not there, thinking how awful certain people are, bouncing a ball, playing the piano, writing, painting, drawing, flying a plane, plumbing, taking notes, acting, being honest, being observant, smoking marijuana, laughing at jokes, going tsk tsk tsk, loving, hating, feeling sorry for yourself, opening doors, using your computer, finding out things that you like, finding out things that you hate, puzzles, computer programming, being confused,, thinking clearly, sneering, sneezing, being swift and agile like a Ninja, being authoritative like a boss, being yourself, pretending to be someone you’re not, hugging…

10,000 hours adds up quickly just a bit at a time.

Pretty much ANYTHING you spend about 10,000 hours doing, you’ll be a pro at.#

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